The Polish Private Detective Krzysztof “Rambo” Rutkowski – Kidnapped Another Child From Norway

The Polish private detective Krzysztof “Rambo” Rutkowski claim that he has once again abducted a child – or as he puts it, saved – a baby on Norwegian soil. Rutkowskis company confirms the action of a silent statement to the newspaper Dagbladet. A spokesperson said that the 13-year-old boy is now in Poland.

The boy must have been under child care when Rutkowski struck. – A boy called me and wept profusely, said detective to Polish media. – He said he was in Oslo and that he had read in newspapers and online about how I rescued a Polish girl who lived with a foster family. He said he had to live with a Norwegian family he knew, says Rutkowski.

The boy had lived with a foster familie for two months, During that period  he have been visited by his mother. The Polish media criticizes the foster family Saturday the boy went to the gym. When he stopped to buy food,  it drove three uniformed cars towards the boy and took him to his biological mother. The cars were full of agents who worked for Rutkowski.

According to the private detective, the Russian Embassy in Poland, and Polish police was informed. The 13-year-old should even have sent emails to the Russian Embassy in Oslo.

Forecasted Polish media reports that there have been doubts about the child`s mother’s mental health. A month ago, Rutkowski was responsible for another child abduction in Norway. Then he posed willingly. He is a superstar and member of parliament in the country.Rutkowski Patrol takes on extortion and kidnapping cases. – We know the family, and has investigated the conflict in the family before. But this latest development in the case is unknown, said the sheriff in the municipality involved to Dagbladet.

The Polish embassy in Oslo said that they off-hand can not say if they know the case. Surprised – I had contact with my client at the latest on Wednesday, but I have not heard anything about this. This was very surprising, says the woman’s Norwegian lawyer to Dagbladet.

She confirms that the mother now have the boy. This was up for County Appeals Board in the fall. The boy was placed in an emergency at a secret address, she says.

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18 thoughts on “The Polish Private Detective Krzysztof “Rambo” Rutkowski – Kidnapped Another Child From Norway

  1. Rutowski is an idiot. First of all, many polish families come to Norway, and keep their children locket up and don`t allow them to learn Norwegian, and usally they move in to a dirty place… Many Polish parents that I have seen should have lost theyr children, belive, I have seen many of the polish parents treating their kids as it was a thing and not a person. And BTW this child that they write about here is half Norwegian !!

    • What do you know about? The norwegian just kidnapped child with out cheking the family situation. just because the child was sad!!!!
      according to the norwegian law they can take child from the turist, and there is not warranty that they parents will get child back. that is in norwegian low

      • They were not tourists, the worked and lived in Norway. How is it okey for a person from Poland to come to Norway, and break Norwegian law. If I were Polish, I would have been embarresed over people like Rutowski. And Also remember, I am from Norway, and Married with a Polish !

    • First of all you sound like an idiot. How much OK is this for Norway to have “law” justifaing taking children away from parents. You people should be warning those who coming to Norway that you got such a stiupid and unhuman rules there.And who you think you are that you saing that Polish children should be taken away from their parrents? A child would not chose to stay with someone who treat him badly, so if he or she chose to be with parrents then you have nothing to say about it. We dont have to be embarresed over Rutkowski, you should be embarrased over your “law” system.”And also remember,im from Norway and married to a Polish” – and that supposed to mean what ? That you supposed to be an expert about Norwegian-Polish affairs? Or rather that you are a looser who stand no chance with a Norwegian woman, and his last chance of fealing like a man is with girl from les welthy country?

    • Nope, it’s you who’s an idiot, grown up in a country where child kidnapping is legal and brainwashed…

  2. The kidnapping-story is different in norwegian papers.

    I really enjoyed reading this story. the child protection in norway is really bad and totally different from other countries.

    • Cathrine: Yes, you`re right. The Norwegian child protection services don`t understand people from other countries or cultures. There are so many active child protection cases in Norway today. They ruin the life of people that never should have been in their system at all.

  3. Hi, I am obsering those affairs in Norwigian, Polish and Russian media as a NGO worker and anthropologist, and I have to tell that Norwigian law and point of view on how to protect children and care about them are horrible. Compering to analogical procedure in EU, Norwigian procedure of social service institution are criminal and far from psychological, social and cultural knowledge. Actually, the system of taking children from biological families is so “wide” and “flexible” in Norway that is under any resonable control, and arises many pathological and corruptive situations. And children – especially white children – tragically pay for it. I suppose that not in the far future the case of the non-humanitarian treating families by Norwigian institutions will find the final in the Strasburg Court.

  4. Rambo Rutkowski is a criminal, and I am not at all surprised Polish police did nothing but polish-ing their own tarnished and tattered reputation. Bo Anderson, Walhallen Europadetektiv AB

    • it wasnt a crime, the boy came to his mother of his own free will,same as polish girl did.
      F..k barnevernet!!!

  5. Do you know how does it look like in other scandinavian states? I always loved Iceland and Norway, where I used to climb a lot, but, since having kids I would be seriously afraid of going there…!
    People think Russia is dangerous – look at what’s going on in Norway. I think it’s a scandal and they should be treaten by the Strasbourg… shamely they don’t have to be afraid of any penalties – they’ve money and don’t have to care about law… shame on Norway, shame!!!

  6. this man chris the so called dedectiv is no rambo. i know about the crimes he and his criminal group committed on a turkish man who tried to protect his two children emily and shayan. It seems he has much to pay for the acts, lies, deeds, crimes of summer / august 2003 in london. especially sunday 31th of august 2003.the turkish man had links with mafia family in turkey and azerbajian and albania who have put a 50,000 sterlin capture of ol dedectiv chris to take him to turkey for a family private trail. – so, good luck polish fat pimp so-called rambo.

  7. he also failed to turn up for a summons to the royal courts of justice at the strand, london in 2003 and 2004. he run away like the sweaty pretender he is. judge summner, judge coldridge amongst some of the judges that wanted him in court.

    this chris rutkov has left much destruction behind him, in many places. and onto innocent people.

    he needs security now 24 hours a day 365 days a year. otherwise, he knows what he must now face.

    he is a cruel, nasty, rutless, selfish, narrow-minded, egoistic,facist gestapo who should be locked away for life.

    seriously folks !

  8. Also native Norwegians fear badly the SWF system in Norway. They use children as trade objects out of greed for money. If you deviate from some strict and unnatural normality scheme or culturally, your children are really in danger. This system snaps children to the full extent of their capacity. If you give them the double capacity, they will snap twice as many children as now.Generally I worn families with children moving to Norway or even visiting Norway as tourists.

    To kiss your child or give it a good embrace is enough in this country to be suspected of child sexual abuse and have your children taken away from you. They have a myriad other normality paragraphs too, or just invent some new case by case as they feel conveniant. If for example a child has a healthy weight and a healthy diet, they will state thaty the child is underfeeded. If the child is somewhat fatter they will call it overfeeding. In this way they twist the definitions of neglect and abuse so to suit any case.

    In a certain sense all children in Norway are registered or monitored intimately by this system, but not necessarily as official cases. Teachers, doctors, nurses, hospitals, health care workers, dentists, priests, police, kindergtarten employees and any public official that deal with children work as depudees of this system in addition to their official roles in the society, and they have regular meeting with this system where any child can be discussed and any child is discussed and monitored to the full extent of the capacity of this network. This stasi-like surveillance system makes it very difficult to find any official a parent can trust, but all parents are well adviced to be on guard and do their own counter-surveillance on this system.

    This system also is a part of a greater international ring of similar agencies in countries like UK, USA, Sweden and Denmark. They all measure the kids and the parents up against a very narrow normality standard which is far from natural or healthy and snap away children when this standard is not met.

    This system attacks both Norwegian and Foreign families. Generally Norwegian parents are afraid of these agencies and their helpers in the public services. These agencies work together and can anytime come and snap your children from you if there is something regarding the child or the family which is not politically correct. Because of these fears, Norwagians go around, behaving according to official norms, making false smiles and interchanging false positive comments regarding anything the authorities do or arrange, but you can see the fear and apathy in thir eyes and their face. Norway is no happy country.

    But of cource also these agencies have somewhat limited resources, and cannot take every child they see. They often choose children that have a good life, but somehow deviate from the common norm. It does not matter if the deviation is positive or negative, only that it is a deviation. Often they use the pretent of so called early intervention. Children that are grossly abused or neglected are seldome taken, because taking these children does not give personal gratification or profit for the agents or those they cooperate with.

    The best way a foreigners can help both themselves and Norwegian Citizens against this system is total and full boicott of all Norwegian companies and products, and by not settling in Norway or go to Norway as tourists.

    Regards Knut Holt

  9. wew know about the ZIONIST ways, which does steal children in it’s own created states such as norway, denmark, sweeden, uk, usa, australia etc. we know about the equal treatment to families and children in the uk from SS (SOCIAL SERVICES). However, rutkowski works with the child stealers. therefore, there is a underlying motive, for this so-called heroism from fat – man himself. he is a coward that comes out in the night or in disguise or from a distance or without appointment.

    if he is brave, let him come on to this site and make some appointments with a few ppl waiting for such a time. to answer to his crimes against humanity.

    The Justice Group.

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