Ken Spooner is finally bringing his abducted children home after 5 years

August 2 , 2013

Source: findandrewthompsoneeurope

Ken Spooner is finally bringing his abducted children home after 5 years 

Ken has returned home to England with his two sons. We wish him and the boys all the best.


On 18 July 2013 the Supreme Court of Zambia advised Ken Spooner that he was allowed to take his two children Devlan and Caelan back to Milton Keynes, UK.
In 2008, 4 year old Devlan and 18 month old Caelan were taken to Zambia by their mother on a holiday from which she never returned.
Ken appealed to the High Court of England and managed to get an order to return the children home but had to travel to Zambia to execute it. The order was successfully registered and despite an appeal from the mother’s lawyers, Ken was given permission to take the children home.
When Ken reached the airport he was met by the mother and her lawyers and the children were taken again with the help of the Zambian police.
He did not give up. He has fought long and hard over the past 5 years. He has had to give up everything.
The children have been deprived of a relationship with Ken and his family. Amazingly he is not going to do the same on his return with them. He is hoping that his boys can have a relationship with both parents, a testament to his character.
Ken is an inspiration in the way that he has approached the abduction of his children. We wish him all the best in bringing his children home to England. Emergency passports are being issued and it is hoped that they will return home very soon.
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2 thoughts on “Ken Spooner is finally bringing his abducted children home after 5 years

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    Thank you.

    Gail Wilson
    VP, Zonta Club of Fort Worth

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