Mother accused of kidnapping is jailed without bail

March 20 , 2015
By Patrick Ronan and Natalie Ornell
The Patriot Ledger

QUINCY – The Quincy mother charged with kidnapping her children will spend at least the next two weeks in jail after a judge said she intentionally ignored instructions for her GPS monitoring device.


Quincy District Judge Diane Moriarty on Thursday sent Yurong Wu, 41, to MCI-Framingham and ordered she be held without bail until her next court hearing April 2.

Wu was arrested last Friday and charged with parental kidnapping and child endangerment after she and her five children, ranging in age from 21/2 months to 10 years, hadn’t been seen in Quincy for about a month. Police said Wu took her children to New York before the state Department of Children and Families could take custody of them.

Wu, released on $7,500 bail last Friday, was in court three times this week because of problems with the GPS ankle bracelet she’s required to wear, Wu’s attorney said. On Wednesday, police took Wu into custody, but she was later released after officials deemed it a technical issue with the device.

On Thursday, Moriarty said Wu, whose five children are in the state’s custody, was intentionally not following instructions for the bracelet and authorities couldn’t track her properly.

Coria Holland, a spokeswoman for the state Probation Service, said in a phone interview Thursday that defendants who are required to wear GPS bracelets must follow certain instructions to keep the devices charged. She said Wu isn’t accused of tampering with the device, but was found to be “willfully non-compliant” in following instructions.

Wu’s husband, Jackie Mei, who was arrested March 6 and charged with misleading police during their search for the family, is also wearing a GPS monitoring device as part of his bail conditions.

“Her husband also has GPS and has no problem with it so … I told her (Wednesday) if she was back here again I would hold her at Framingham State Prison,” Moriarty said during Thursday’s hearing.

Wu’s attorney, Michael Bradley, said Wu, a native of China whose primary language is Cantonese, had trouble with the device because of a language barrier. A court-appointed interpreter was at Thursday’s hearing to translate for Wu.

“The allegation was that there was a willful ignorance. It’s not the way I saw it,” Bradley said. “The woman doesn’t understand English. Every time she calls the company that monitors the bracelet, those instructions aren’t relayed in Chinese.”

Holland said Wu eventually might be given a two-piece GPS device with a landline tracking system.

Judge Moriarty said if Wu is released April 2, she may face home confinement or may only be allowed out between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.

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