Kelly Rutherford loses three-year child custody battle

December 16, 2015


Former “Gossip Girl” actress Kelly Rutherford, 47, has failed to gain custody of her kids and will only be able to visit them in Monaco and France, according to a report Tuesday.

Kelly Rutherford 2015

Rutherford — who went bankrupt blowing $1.4 million on her bitter divorce from Daniel Giersch — was also awarded a paltry $3,281 a month in maintenance from the German-born businessman, the Daily Mail reported.

The rulings by a judge in Monaco followed a legal brawl that erupted in August, when Rutherford was forced to surrender son Hermes, 9, and daughter Helena, 6, to Giersch’s mom inside a closed New York City courtroom. One of the kids was heard shouting “Mommy!” through the doors before Rutherford emerged, looking distraught.

Kelly Rutherford with children Helena and Hermes, and Rutherford’s ex Daniel Giersch

Giersch — who won primary custody of the kids in 2013 — had accused Rutherford of breaking a promise to send them back to him in Monaco following a summer vacation in America.

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One thought on “Kelly Rutherford loses three-year child custody battle

  1. It’s good in a way that a mother experiences the devastating loss that all divorced fathers feel but nobody gives a crap about fathers that lose their kids

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