Kate Gosselin Opens Up About Son Collin, Calls Child Abuse Claims ‘Unfounded’ – Father claims abduction


Kate Gosselin opened up about her son Collin, who is enrolled in a program away from home for his educational and behavioral challenges, and responded to claims of child abuse in a sit-down with Good Morning America, which aired Monday, November 21. Watch what she said in the clip above.

The Kate Plus 8 star, 41, currently has primary custody of her kids — 16-year-old twins Mady and Cara, and 12-year-old sextuplets Leah, Hannah, Alexis, Joel, Aaden and Collin — with ex-husband Jon Gosselin.

The reality star said it’s tough for Collin to be away from home, but she’s “definitely” in contact with her son. “It was not even really a choice. It was on the advice of his doctors and it had to happen,” she said. “He’s plodding along and we are too. It definitely was necessary. I’ll go to the ends of the earth for the best for each one of them. This is the best thing I can do for him right now, so that comforts me.”

When asked about recent rumors that Collin told staffers at the treatment facility that Kate abused him, the TLC star called the accusations “absolutely” untrue. “I’m in the public eye. I’ve been investigated many times [by child services]. It’s always unfounded, obviously,” she said.

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