ABP World Group™ in High Demand by Major Media Outlets for Expert Commentary in Cases of International Parental Abduction


February 14, 2016  – USA, Europe, Australia

ABP World Group Ltd. is a global security and child-recovery firm that is often sought out by the media to provide expert commentary on international parental abduction cases.  Recently, the firm experienced a surge in requests from major media outlets seeking commentary on several cases that have made headline news.

Photo of the Norwegian magazine Vi Menn – A team from ABP World Group™ during the recovery of an abducted child from a hezbollah controlled area in Lebanon.

A recent story where ABP was quoted, involved three Norwegian nationals held in custody after attempting to abduct a four-year old for the non-custodial father. As reported on by In Cyprus, ABP was quoted as follows: “To assist parents who do not hold sole custody…makes the industry look bad.” They went on to say that APB never engages in this practice as a reputable recovery outfit.  Their comments were also featured in a story about the case that appeared on VG News, Norway.  ABP was interviewed by NRK, a Norwegian broadcasting company as well.

ABP World Group was also an instrumental resource for the press in other cases such as one where a Brazilian mother abducted her child from Sweden and another where a Norwegian mercenary was hired by the father to illegally abduct his child.

ABP was also interviewed for several Norwegian Television documentaries about the mafia in Spain, international parental child abduction and organized crime. In the past, Marie Claire Magazine, Al Jazeera, Spain’s El Mundo, the United States’ ABC News USA, ABC News Australia, Italian news stations, Irish radio stations and Swedish television stations have also called upon ABP for commentary in a number of cases.

ABP World Group has a strong success rate on cases where a child has been illegally, internationally abducted by a parent. For more information,email: contact@abpworld.com

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