Moldova: Kidnapped baby’s mother detained


After the detention of the father and two other suspects in the case of the 12-day-old baby that had been kidnapped and was to be trafficked out of the country, the baby’s mother was also detained for 72 hours.

According to, the mother is prosecuted for “illegal removal of children from the country”, and today prosecutors will charge her with the “child trafficking” offense, for which the woman risks a prison term of 10 – 12 years.

On February 15, three other suspects in the case were detained at Leuseni crossing point, including the baby’s father and a German citizen.

Preliminary investigations established that the baby came from a socially vulnerable family with other three dependent children, while the father had been previously prosecuted for robbery. Both of the child’s parents are from Balti.

According to the IPN, the newborn was placed in a care and rehabilitation center for young children in Chisinau and the other three children will be taken by the social welfare authorities in Balti. The source adds that, so far, the guardianship and prosecution authorities did not request termination of parental rights.

Recall that the baby-kidnapping attempt took place on February 15. The baby was to be taken to Germany. Three people, two men with dual citizenships that of Moldova and Romania, and a citizen of Germany, were noticed at the Leuseni crossing point. There was also a child, born on 3 February this year, with them. The accompanying people were not the child’s relatives, but one of them had a notarized consent for departure with the purpose of having a rest in EU, signed by the child’s father.

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