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Child Recovery: Safety is our first priority

Our intelligence and investigative capabilities combined with our ability to dispatch personnel to most locations in the world offers a safe and strategic solution to protecting your family.

Unfortunately in the present climate, parental kidnapping occurs all too frequently.  We are here to help you through what can be an extremely traumatic time.

We are aware that parental child abduction can be difficult to resolve but through the use of professional operatives we work hard to find a solution. We collaborate with numerous organizations to help return your child safely and as soon as possible.


Child Abduction Recovery Services


Services Available:

  • Risk Management

ABP World Group has during several years developed a solid worldwide network with personnel experienced in security and emergency services in both operative and administrative areas. Our personnel have comprehensive experience from the military and/or police force. ABP personnel rely on extensive and close collaboration with the client as well as on external affiliates where the client sets the premises for our assignments. In our experience, good results are achieved through dialogue, collaboration, mutual respect and careful planning. ABP is therefore able to assist local and international companies with security and emergency services.

  • Parental Abduction / Kidnapping Recovery

As is true for all relationships, a statistically significant number of marriages/partnerships end in divorce. All too often, following the breakup of a marriage, one of the parents will abduct a child of that relationship against the wishes of the other parent, frequently removing them to a country where the child has probably never lived. This is called “International Parental Child Abduction”.

Unfortunately for the majority of targeted parents, the financial burden involved in recovery and litigation falls upon their shoulders. With tens of thousands of children abducted by parents each year, the reality is that too many of these children never come home. ABP World Group is dedicated to assisting those parents who need help in locating, rescuing, and returning their abducted child home safely. We offer worldwide services regarding parental abduction or recovery of children that has suffered from parental kidnapping.

  • Executive Protection:

Our skilled executive protection specialists, consultants, coordinators and advisers accompany our clients wherever needed, both domestically and internationally. As a result of our local knowledge and contacts, the protective services that we recommend corresponds to the threats posed.

The security escort that we provide and offer can be contracted to perform a wide variety of security and security related tasks, ie:

  • 24/7 Executive Protection: for members of royal families, dignitaries and diplomats, VIPs, high net worth individuals but also transportation and liaisons at clients’ request.
  • Private Investigator: for security related services on marital and divorce matters, thefts and fraud, 24-hour surveillance, forensic computer analysis, cell phone record searches, missing persons, personal injury and unsolved crimes
  • Physical Security: Mobile and roving operators, neighboring patrols, patrolling with marked and/or unmarked company vehicles, school security, building complexes, crowd control during special events including malls and shopping centers as well as custom security operations
  • Investigation:

If you are the victim of corporate espionage, economic infidelity, fraud, blackmail or any other kind of crime, be confident that ABP World Group™ will carefully, thoroughly and with discreet and professional methods investigate your case and provide you with the discovered evidence helping you to determine the truth.

  • Onshore Security:

ABP World Group can provide onshore security on several levels. We base our work on companies’ different needs concerning security installations, guards, employers’ and transport security. ABP will provide plans and procedures to increase security on all levels but before any implementation, ABP will also carry out required security drills for employers, employees as well as for security personnel

Example of ABP’s tools to increase security:

  • Gathering and analyzing of intelligence information
  • Planning of secured procedures
  • Establishing and implementing security plans for each actual installation
  • Conducting drills for all personnel at the site/installation
  • Providing security within different areas


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