Parental Alienation: Lita Ford gets personal and talks about parental alienation.



80’s hard rock queen Lita Ford is back and as she describes, is “rolling thunder”. At the young age of 16 she became the guitarist for The Runaways. It’s been noted that the all-girl metal band was groundbreaking in the industry during that time. Ford went on to a solo career releasing two albums, Out for Blood (1983) and Dancinˊ on the Edge (1984) but it was her self-titled album Lita (1988) that she saw great success. Kiss Me Deadly was Ford’s first hit, and her ballad with Ozzy Osbourne, Close My Eyes Forever, was her first top 10 single. Then going on to releasing Stiletto(1990), Dangerous Curves (1991) and Black (1995).

Lita Ford then stepped out of the music industry to focus on family and be the “ultimate mom”. After 16 years of marriage and a devastating divorce, Ford returned to her first love – music. Penning her life and heartache into her lyrics, releasing the album Living Like a Runaway (2012) Ford started her comeback as the “Queen of Metal”.

Music Life Magazine had the honor of sitting down with Lita Ford at the Sirius XM Hair Nation press conference on August 17th at the Rainbow Bar and Grill in West Hollywood, California to discuss the upcoming “Hair Nation” festival, what challenges she faced moving into the digital age, her autobiography “Living Like a Runaway: A Memoir” and her recent album release Time Capsule.

Hello Lita, let’s talk about your longevity in the business. With the music industry dramatically changing over time, what changes did you have to go through as an artist?

Well, I had to learn how to change from analog to digital and that was not easy. Just trying to record with no tape and you know it just changed. Now trying to buy a record, the record stores are disappearing and trying to buy a CD or… you know I have a CD player in my truck, so I like CDs. Of course I have stuff on my phone too but I like things that you can actually hold in your hand.

I prefer to have a physical copy, that’s all I play in my car.

Yes, and people want to use them you know. I think they’re so good. That was the biggest change.

Did you ever feel you’d still be doing this after four decades?

You know it is who I am. It is just who I am.

You took a little break I believe when your kids were younger, is that correct?


You’ve made a comeback and still going strong.

Yes… Yes! I wanted to be the ultimate mom and my divorce was horrible and my ex-husband has alienated my children from me. For those people who know what “Parental Alienation” is, it is a form of emotional child abuse. It is severe child abuse. It is not physical, it is emotional so I, unfortunately, am going through that which I don’t deserve.

No one deserves that.

Nobody does, especially the kids.

I believe our trials and tribulations make us who we are today. Your book “Living Like a Runaway: A Memoir” was litafordmemoirrunawayreleased earlier this year. Opening up the life of “Lita Ford”. What motivated you to write this book?

Well, after my divorce was final one of the things I wanted to do was put out a memoir to my life and because I’m really a unique artist, almost one of a kind. I wanted to put out a book so people could see what I had to do in my life and the hurdles I had to jump to become Lita Ford.

We just spoke about your book, you’re a child activist for child abuse, also activist for parents alienation, because you’ve experienced this in your life. Can you go into a little detail about this, especially the “Parental Alienation”?

Well parental alienation is really hard to explain if you don’t know what it is and even those that have experienced it don’t know that there is an actual terminology for it.

I was unaware of the terminology.

So the best thing for them to do would probably be go to “Lita Ford’s Parental Alienation Awareness” on Facebook and read, look at the pictures and you get an idea for what it is about. Basically there is a huge, huge fault in our family legal system. They don’t help the “Parental Alienation” they actually encourage it because they get more money. But it is destroying our families. It is destroying the families and that’s wrong. That is not worth the money that they are getting.

And the children.

The children, it destroys the mother, the father – whoever is being alienated. Their families and it destroys the children because they are being stripped away from their parents or parent. In my case, I’m the one who lost the children because the father took them away. He is like I got custody. Yes, sure you do, you paid for it and you lied.

Are you allowed to see them or you haven’t seen your kids?

I don’t even know where they are.

I know the feeling.

A lot of people know that feeling. It is horrible, it is like the ultimate worst nightmare.

Is this new?

It is new for you because you just found out, but it is not new. It has been happening for decades and that is what is so sickening about it. Now it is starting to come out of the closet and it needs to stop. We need to change our legal system. That is huge. That is going to take some serious power, so I think a lot of the legal systems are starting to get nervous. I’ve noticed that some of my old attorneys are starting to Google me because I’ve seen them on my Facebook snooping around. It is like talking about how screwed up they are.

At least mine were. Maybe somebody else’s aren’t. Kim Basinger and Alec Baldwin went through this years ago and Alec Baldwin put a book out on parental alienation. Everyone thought oh it was Alec, oh Alec is a bully, he beat Kim or whatever, when in reality it was her that alienated their kid Ireland, from Alec. So he wrote a book and there are talk shows and all kinds of stuff you can go to and look and see at what he says about it. He is more diplomatic about it then I am, I just throw it out there, spit it out there, it needs to come out of the closet.

Yes, you have to do that, to be a force to be reckoned with is to speak out.

Yes, it needs to come out of the closet, like a lot of things have, over the years. This is one of them.

2016 you’ve been busy. The release of your book we just spoke about and you also released a new album, Time Capsule Can you tell us a little bit about the album?

Yes, Time Capsule was a little gem that I had hidden in the closet and it was recorded at a period of time where I wasn’t working and I went into the studio with all these great musicians that just happened to hang out and show up, ended up on these songs. The songs are great.

I was listening to it last night while writing this interview and loved it! I’ll defiantly add it to my collection.

Cool! It’s fun, it’s cool great songs, great artists. It is just a little piece of rock and roll history in this time capsule. When you listen to it again, King of the Wild Wind is about Sturgis bikers.

Lita Ford_2015studio-435-Edit (Copy)-p1ar8rl1mq15fn1i5h61a1ig0csl

Who are some of the artists that you recorded with?

We have Rick Nielsen and Robin Zander from Cheap Trick, who sings backing vocals onThe Killing Kind. That song also has Billy Sheehan on bass and Dave Navarro plays mandolin which is wicked. He is so talented. They all are. Gene Simmons is on it, he plays bass on Rotten to the Core. Jeff Scott Soto sings a duet with me. His voice is just …. yes, amazing. So I could go on and on. There is a lot of people on, it is ridiculous.

Do you have anything else in the works?

Well, the book was just drafted in February so it is still new and then Time Capsulewas released in April. So we’re still working those two projects and we have a Halestorm tour coming up in October, then we are working on the new album, so we are recording.

I read you don’t like having time off so it is always keeping your brain working and up to date on things…

Constantly, kill me with rock and roll.

No better way to go.

Right, I agree.

Saturday, September 17th at Irvine Meadows, Irvine California, will be the “Hair Nation Festival”. What can the fans expect to see from Lita Ford?

Well we are one tough band to follow. I wouldn’t want to be the band after us. Sometimes I listen to our stuff and I think damn I would not want to be the band following that. We have Bobby Rock on drums, Patrick Kennison on guitar and vocals, Marty O’Brien on bass and we’re Rolling Thunder.

Later this evening you will be one of the judge’s at the “Hair Nation Festival Battle of the Bands” at the iconic Whisky a Go Go, West Hollywood, California. Seven unsigned artists are competing for two spots to play at the “Hair Nation Festival”. What will you be looking for in that band?

There’s a lot of things you can look at. First of all, you have to look at their musicianship and their songs, their presentation and how they appear themselves to look. You know if they are wearing flip flops and shorts I’m not going to be interested. But if they are rocked out, they look decent and sound decent then they are worthy of playing the festival.

I’m really look forward to seeing you on stage at the “Hair Nation Festival”.

Thank you. Have you read the book?

Unfortunately, I have not read the bookonly sections that had been posted. It touches home for a lot of people.

Woman to woman, you have got to read the book.

It is really good that you have that voice to speak out.

You are damn right, and I am going to use it. Go to “Lita Ford Parental Alienation Awareness” on Facebook.

Perfect. Thank you very much, it was a pleasure meeting you.

You are very welcome, see you soon.

Congratulations Lita Ford for being awarded the “2017 She Rocks Award” by The Women’s International Music Network!

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Canada: Father’s suicide fuels battle over Divorce Act

Man ordered to pay ex-wife amount twice his monthly income



The suicide of a young British Columbia father has brought renewed calls for the reform of the decades-old federal Divorce Act and the elimination of an anti-male bias that critics say is rife in the family court system.

Darrin White, a 34-year-old father of four from Prince George, B.C., hanged himself earlier this month after being ordered to make family support payments that amounted to twice his monthly income. His body was found in woods near the University of Northern British Columbia after he disappeared on March 12.

“Darrin White’s death is an absolute tragedy, but entirely foreseeable,” said Liberal MP Roger Gallaway, who co-chaired a high-profile Senate-House of Commons committee into custody and access two years ago. The committee’s report, For the Sake of the Children, recommended many radical changes to the federal Divorce Act, including a new concept called shared parenting, which would automatically give both divorcing parents equal legal rights in the raising of their children.

“Family court judges across this country are being unrealistic,” said Mr. Gallaway, who is urging the federal government to implement his committee’s report. “Darrin White is the most public example yet, but I know of two other men in similar circumstances who have killed themselves.”

Mr. White’s four children are aged five, nine, 10 and 14. His estranged wife, Madeleine, 33, left the family home on Jan. 18 with the couple’s three children. (Mr. White’s eldest child lives with his first wife). Police charged Mr. White with wife assault on the same day. He denied the charge.

Madeleine White, who, according to court documents, is a qualified and certified railroad locomotive engineer, was granted exclusive occupancy of the house by a junior B.C. Supreme Court judge, who also ordered Mr. White to pay $1,071 in monthly child support and $1,000 in alimony. The first $2,071 was due immediately.

The judge said it was unreasonable to expect Mrs. White to return to work, but did not state why.

Mr. White, who had the same job qualifications as his wife, was on stress leave from work and was netting less than $1,000 a month when ordered to make the payments.

Liberal Senator Anne Cools, the most vocal advocate on Parliament Hill for changes to the Divorce Act, says Justice Minister Anne McLellan is deliberately ignoring the recommendations that were tabled more than a year ago.

“Divorce was never intended to force fathers out of a child’s life,” said Ms. Cools. “Mr. White’s death touches us all. It’s a terrible injustice of a young man saddled with a greater emotional burden than he could bear. It’s heartbreaking, but like so many men in this situation, he had no voice, no outlet and no representation.”

“Some fathers in Canada,” she added, “are being exposed to heartless, merciless systematic humiliation.”

According to Health Canada statistics, suicide in younger men has risen dramatically over the past 40 years, but there has been little if any research to find out why. About 80 per cent of suicides in Canada each year are male.

Jeffrey Asher, a specialist in suicide at Dawson College in Montreal, says the increase in suicide corresponds with social change, including the rise of feminism and easier access to divorce.

“The psychological impact of divorce is greater on men,” said Mr. Asher, “because in most cases, women get custody of the children. They get the house and its contents and receive a steady income from the former husband. Men typically get nothing except the myth of shared custody, which invariably means visiting with the children once every two weeks. They are fathers in name, but not fathers in function.”

Mr. Asher says family law and courts are routinely locking fathers out of the lives of their children.

“Courts have decided that fathers are dispensable and replaceable,” he added. “And it’s created huge problems for their children: Bad marks in school, run-ins with police, poor career prospects and teenage pregnancy.”

The justice minister angered many advocates of divorce law change when she responded to the joint committee report last May and said it would take three years to examine the recommendations.

Her spokesman, Stephen Bindman, denies the government is ignoring the issue and said a series of extensive reports is due to be completed within the next few weeks.

“There’s a lot of work under way,” he said, “but there are no quick fixes. The federal government can’t work alone on this.”

Much of the matter falls under provincial jurisdiction.

Ms. McLellan says the government is committed to reform and, last month, disbursed $29 million to the provinces and territories to spend on the family law system.

USA / Texas: Interstate Jurisdiction Cases when a Parent Abducts their Child

Child Recovery Agents Parental Kidnapping


Parental child abduction is the offense of a Parent wrongfully removing, retaining, detaining or concealing their child from the other parent. This often occurs when parents separate or divorce proceedings begin. The abducting parent may consensually remove or retain the child to gain an advantage in pending child-custody proceedings or because the parent fears losing the child in the divorce proceeding. Many times the abducting parent may refuse to return a child at the end of an approved visit or may flee with the child to prevent the other parent from seeing the child or in fear of domestic abuse.

Many abducting parents try to take the child across state lines (Interstate Jurisdiction issues) or out of the country to make sure that the child will never be found by the other parent. They would rather live a fugitive than lose their child.

Are there any laws to stop this child abduction to another state or country? The Uniform Child Abduction Prevention Act (UCAPA) provides remedies with valuable enforceable tools in deterring both domestic and international abductions by parents and unethical people or agents on their behalf. This Act empowers courts to impose measures designed to prevent child abduction both before and after a court has entered a custody decree. Unfortunately, the UCAPA has only been enacted in eleven states (Alabama, Colorado, Florida, Louisiana, Kansas, Mississippi, Nebraska, Nevada, South Dakota, Tennessee, and Utah) and District of Columbia, since its inception.

In Texas Interference with child custody is a felony!
Texas currently follows the Texas Penal Code 25:03, Interference with Child Custody:

Sec. 25.03. INTERFERENCE WITH CHILD CUSTODY. (a) A person commits an offense if the person takes or retains a child younger than 18 years of age:

(1) When the person knows that the person’s taking or retention violates the express terms of a judgment or order, including a temporary order, of a court disposing of the child’s custody;

(2) when the person has not been awarded custody of the child by a court of competent jurisdiction, knows that a suit for divorce or a civil suit or application for habeas corpus to dispose of the child’s custody has been filed, and takes the child out of the geographic area of the counties composing the judicial district if the court is a district court or the county if the court is a statutory county court, without the permission of the court and with the intent to deprive the court of authority over the child; or

(3) Outside of the United States with the intent to deprive a person entitled to possession of or access to the child of that possession or access and without the permission of that person.

(b) A noncustodial parent commits an offense if, with the intent to interfere with the lawful custody of a child younger than 18 years, the noncustodial parent knowingly entices or persuades the child to leave the custody of the custodial parent, guardian, or person standing in the stead of the custodial parent or guardian of the child.
(c) It is a defense to prosecution under Subsection (a) (2) that the actor returned the child to the geographic area of the counties composing the judicial district if the court is a district court or the county if the court is a statutory county court, within three days after the date of the commission of the offense.

(C-1) It is an affirmative defense to prosecution under Subsection (a) (3) that:

(1) The taking or retention of the child was pursuant to a valid order providing for possession of or access to the child; or

(2) notwithstanding any violation of a valid order providing for possession of or access to the child, the actor’s retention of the child was due only to circumstances beyond the actor’s control and the actor promptly provided notice or made reasonable attempts to provide notice of those circumstances to the other person entitled to possession of or access to the child.

(C-2) Subsection (a) (3) does not apply if, at the time of the offense, the person taking or retaining the child:

(1) Was entitled to possession of or access to the child; and

(2) Was fleeing the commission or attempted commission of family violence, as defined by Section 71.004, Family Code, against the child or the person.

(d) An offense under this section is a state jail felony: Minimum term: 180 days to Maximum Term of 2 years; fine up to $10,000.00

Hopefully, in the near future, more states will adopt the Uniform Child Abduction Prevention Act, but until then, if you think you have a problem with your ex trying to kidnap your child, find out what can be done in your state to stop this before it happens!

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Canada: Over 6,000 FedEx employees will now help search for abducted children

The company will transmit amber alerts to couriers, their social media channels, and internal communications


FedEx Canada has joined forces with Amber Alert Ontario to transmit alerts about abducted children to all of their 6,500 Canadian-based employees, including 3,000 couriers.

The company says the alerts will also be transmitted on its social media feeds and internal communications.

“With the continued growth in e-commerce, our couriers deliver to more areas around Canada than ever before ensuring our eyes and ears are there to assist in locating missing children when needed,”  said Lisa Lisson, FedEx Canada’s president.

‘Increases the possibility of the safe return of a child’

The company’s vice-president, Pina Starnino, says the idea stemmed from couriers themselves.

“They’ve been telling us for years — can we please participate in this?,” she said during a news conference on Tuesday.

Amber alerts are issued to the public in child abduction cases where police believe the child is in danger of bodily harm or death.

“Anytime we can get more people notified at activation, it increases the possibility of having a successful resolution …  which means the safe return of a child,” said Jeff Simpkins, manager of operations for Community Safety Services with the Ontario Provincial Police.

He says FedEx Canada proposed the idea and he hopes its the start of a new trend.

jeff simpkins

Jeff Simpkins, with the Ontario Provincial Police, says transmitting amber alerts to FedEx couriers increases the possibility of the safe return of a child. (Chris Mulligan/CBC)

“I suspect that there are other corporations that will be interested,” said Simpkins. “This may very well be the beginning of further expansion of this program.”

Simpkins adds that he isn’t worried about the influx of possibly misleading information coming from more “eyes on the road.”

“I won’t call it misinformation,” he said. “Any information that we can gather would assist us.”

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UK: ‘I WENT THROUGH HELL’ – Brave mum Kerrie Shaw’s mission to rescue her kids from war-torn Iraq after their refugee dad abducted them Kerrie Shaw racked up debts and was kidnapped herself in her two-year mission to take back her two children

A BRAVE mum risked her life to rescue her children from war-ravaged Iraq after they were abducted by their refugee dad.
Kerrie Shaw went through “absolute hell” to snatch Daniella, now 13, and Makor, 12, back from the clutches of their Iraqi dad.



The heroic mum was kidnapped herself and held captive for a month on one of a string of dangerous trips to the devastated country.

She also racked up £10,000 in debt to pay for the five terrifying trips and claims she was left on her own to deal with the nightmare situation as UK authorities said they were powerless to help.

Kerrie has revealed her harrowing story for the first time as campaigners fight for new laws to protect child victims of parental abduction abroad.

The horror started in 2010 when refugee Akor Arf, 37, took their two kids – then aged five and six – to Iraq while Kerrie worked a shift in a chicken factory.

She told the Mirror: “I knew something was horribly wrong and before long I was hysterical.

“It wasn’t until they arrived in Iraq the next day that he called me to tell me what he’d done.

“I was crying so hard I couldn’t breathe. I felt like part of me had been snatched away. It didn’t seem real.”

Frantic Kerrie called police, social services and the British Embassy in Iraq but she says no one could help her find her children.

Four months after Makor and Daniella were taken, Arf promised to let Kerrie see them in Iraq but she was only given a couple of hours with them before they were cruelly snatched away again.

She travelled to the battle-weary country twice more and was tricked into meeting Arf – but was instead kidnapped for 29 days on the Turkish border.

It was only in December 2012 – armed with new passports and a plan – that she managed to take her Daniella and Makor back to the UK.

The cunning mum, who hadn’t seen her children for two years, snatched the teens while Arf and his family were sleeping to avoid the blistering Iraq heat.

But the ordeal wasn’t over as Arf bombarded her with abusive messages until she managed to get a court order in 2013 banning him from seeing the children if he returns to the UK.

If he breaches the order, authorities will have a mandate to help her.

Both the children, who couldn’t speak English when Kerrie rescued them, have almost forgotten their time in Iraq.

Kerrie said: “I have to focus on the fact I was one of the lucky ones and mine are here with me.”

Hampshire Police said no offence had been committed and that it had offered safeguarding advice to Kerrie.

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office was unable to comment.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding a child abducted to or from Iraq please feel free to contact us 24 / 7.  We are always available at or by calling our offices – +1 (805) CHILD-11 (+18052445311)


Ireland: Heartbroken Irish dad says family’s lives have been ‘shattered’ since son was abducted three years ago


Jeremy O’Connor hasn’t seen his ex wife or his son since 2014

A heartbroken dad who hasn’t hugged his son since he was abducted three years ago says the lives of his family have been “shattered”.

Jeremy O’Connor drove his ex-wife Yolandie Botha and their then four-year-old boy Joshua to the airport for a month-long holiday to South Africa in 2014 – and hasn’t seen either of them since.

The 48-year-old, from Navan, Co Meath, contacted the authorities to report the parental child abduction and said he was told a court case would be held within a year under the Hague Convention.

However, three years on Jeremy, who has three other children, still awaits a court case to get his son back.

Although he Skypes Joshua, now seven, regularly, he hasn’t held him in three years and is worried his son is beginning to forget his relatives.

Jeremy said: “Under the Hague Convention, a parental child abduction case is expedited in under a year to avoid a child becoming settled in another country.”

But South African authorities have deferred court hearings three times, with no new date given.

Jeremy, who works in sales, added: “Yolandie and I split amicably after being together a number of years.

“I had absolutely no problem with her taking Joshua to South Africa for a month-long holiday to see her family.

“I signed the necessary consent forms and even drove them to the airport. That was the last time I saw my son.

“She contacted me before she was due to return to tell me they weren’t coming back.”

Jeremy says that under access rights, he is allowed to contact Joshua through online video chats.

He said: “I Skype him regularly but haven’t seen him in over three years. I also have other children who miss him dreadfully and he has missed out on a lot of family occasions.

“I was really close to Joshua when he was here and now I only see him on a screen. I can’t even hug him.

“My mother – his grandmother – Skyped him the other day and he didn’t know who she was.

“She was devastated and cried no end. I feel failed by the South African authorities.

“They haven’t appointed me a solicitor and every court date has been deferred.”

Jeremy now fears, due to the length of time elapsed, a court might rule Joshua is settled in South Africa and it would be an upheaval to move him.

Jeremy O’Connor and his son Joshua.

He said: “He has Irish citizenship, he was taken wrongfully out of this country and I should have had him back at least two years ago, if the justice system worked properly.”

Jeremy has now decided to talk about his plight publicly as he feels all other routes failed.

He added: “I’m stuck in this limbo for ever and it gets worse and worse everyday.

“A lot of lives have been shattered by this and I’m desperate to try and get some kind of help.”

An Irish Department of Justice spokesperson said: “The 1980 Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction (“the Convention”) is a treaty between states that was set up to protect
children subjected to situations of international child abduction.

“It aims to return children to the state where they usually lived prior to their wrongful removal, so the courts can make decisions in relation to matters of custody and/or access.

“The Convention also allows left behind parents to seek to establish access rights to their children. The Convention has been agreed to by over 90 countries, including Ireland, and it has been given the full force of the law in Ireland.”

When contacted by the Irish Mirror yesterday, Yolandie said she was not allowed to talk about the case.

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USA: Inconvenient Truth: Children suffer in parental abductions



No matter how much an alienating parent denies their children are suffering due, to the alienation they have caused with the target parent the truth is, these children often suffer in silence.

They may not always voice what they are going through emotionally because, of fear of retaliation at the hands of the custodial parent.

Instead, they remain submissive to the wrongful actions of this alienating parent in the attempt to please them. When they do speak up, they may be met with phrases such as, “your mother or father doesn’t love you as much as I do or whose side are you going to take?” This parent may threaten to withhold love and affection if, there appears to be any resistance on behalf of the child.

By ignoring what is happening to this child mentally and emotionally, we are denying them our love. These parents choose vindictive actions against the target parent instead of looking out for the best interest of their child and that is the right to know and love both parents. Though, obvious to most normal mothers and fathers, hatred can and will harm their children in the attempt to hurt their former spouse by any means possible.

As for the child, when one parent is ripped out of their lives and they are denied contact, there is a host of problems that await them. This may come in the forms of social withdrawal, low self-esteem, earlier than normal sexual experimentation and drug/alcohol abuse. Further, these children, in time come to believe this behavior is normal and accepted and may carry it on into their own families as they reach adulthood.

As the saying goes, when you choose to hate the other parent more, in the efforts to seek revenge, you are actually saying that your child is not important enough to love more. Clearly, this does not indicate signs of good parenting. Instead, it proves they are incapable of doing all that is necessary to foster a near or near as possible upbringing in their children’s lives that will promote a healthy balance.

When this occurs, it is up to our family courts to intervene on our children’s behalf to ensure that the best interest of the child is upheld. Unfortunately, this does not always happen. Instead, there are many judges in the family court system who rule with bias and heavy handedness and when they do so, the words “best interest” become nothing more than hollow words used to fill up empty space on parental responsibility order.

In the meantime, our children and the target parent suffer needlessly at the hands of the alienator. Hearts and spirts are broken. Mental and emotional anguish are a constant in their lives. Familial bonds are shattered in the attempt to hurt the former spouse in the most harmful of ways and that is through the erasure of the life the absent parent and child once shared.

For those who aid and abet the alienator, they are equally guilty in the greater scheme of this madness. They support what the alienating parent is doing and many times will assist them. When they do so, they cause the same negative effects on the children as what the alienating parent does. As such, they must share in this blame.

Over the course of time, when there is no rescue from the epidemic of parental alienation both, target parent and victim children are reduced to an empty shell devoid of any relationship they once had with one another. There are no happy childhood memories to share. No guidance for these children that only comes from both parents and thus, leaving them to conform to the thoughts of the alienator.

For those who have never heard the term parental alienation or have had it touch their own lives, you will never know or understand the pain and often lifelong negative effects this causes to a parent and their children. You will go on living your lives without ever realizing that a co-worker, a neighbor or the stranger on the street is suffering in silence.

Parental alienation happens more than you may realize. However, when we foster awareness, we can begin to promote positive change in the dynamics of family equality. Until then, we are simply raising our children to carry this vicious cycle forward to the next generation and more families will continue to suffer again.

This is the ‘Inconvenient Truth.’

If you have any questions or concerns regarding an abducted child to or from the EU please feel free to contact us 24 / 7.  We are always available at or by calling our offices – +1 (805) CHILD-11 (+18052445311)